Veterinary Services

Pet Dermatology in
Brazoria, TX

Face it, we live on the Texas Coast. We are at the center of every pollen making, mold generating, flea growing environment you can get.

As such, we see A LOT of pets with skin and ear problems (DID YOU KNOW – ears are just a continuation of your pet’s skin!)

Consequently, our veterinarians are well versed in the diagnostic techniques, tools, and treatment regiments that treat or manage skin issues.

A significant number of the pets we see are suffering from allergic skin disease or atopy. Though unfortunately, many of these conditions cannot be cured (just like we cannot cure our own allergies), we frequently discuss the techniques for managing these pets in an effort for them to live ‘itch-free’ the majority of their days.

Sometimes we encounter other less common skin diseases such as autoimmune or even cancerous processes. We emphasize communication with our clients with regard to the techniques required to diagnose these issues. From there we can make a plan together for how we can either cure or manage the issue for their pets.

Pet Dermatology