Veterinary Services

Walk-Ins & Drop Offs
in Brazoria, TX


We are proud to offer walk-in appointments for our patients. We understand how hard it can be to keep track of your schedule and make appointments in advance. We also understand that sometimes things happen and your pet needs to be seen sooner than later. As such, we offer walk-in appointments for an additional fee for those who would prefer to just come in.

These appointments are usually fit into our already full schedule, meaning our doctors are working through lunch or double time to get everyone seen. We do our best to see all of our walk-in appointments in a timely fashion. We ask for your patience, however, as scheduled appointments and declared emergencies will be seen first.

Drop Offs

We understand that your time is valuable and don’t want to hold you up if you’ve got other tasks and errands to do in your day. As an alternative, if a walk-in visit does not work for your schedule, we also offer drop-off services for pets. These pets will be worked into our day as soon as possible. We do not guarantee drop-off appointments to be ready to go until the end of the day, as sometimes that is the soonest opportunity we find ourselves available to see them. Please rest assured, your pet will be seen.

If you have an emergency when we are open, we prefer if you give us a heads up so we can be ready for you when you walk in.

Pet Walk Ins