Veterinary Services

Pet Diagnostic Imaging in
Brazoria, TX

We are proud to provide advanced imaging services such as digital radiology and ultrasound for our patients.

We routinely use our digital radiographs to diagnose disorders of the skeletal and cardiovascular system, look for evidence of gastro-intestinal obstruction or foreign body and even anticipate how many puppies to expect in a litter.

We additionally complete full mouth radiographs on our Standard of Care Dentistry patients to ensure they are going home with not just a clean, but healthy and pain-free mouth.

We offer onsite diagnostic ultrasound services via in-house and mobile ultrasounds of your pet’s abdomen, heart, and other areas of the body.

These tools allow us to make a complete medical diagnosis in the clinic, or consult with board-certified specialists in Houston.

We prioritize convenience for our patients and their owners and work to ensure access to complete medical services for your pet.

Pet Diagnostic